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Great tips before You Hire a DJ or DJ Service

 Music and entertainment are the MOST important elements that shape a wedding or any other special event. On the other hand, hiring a DJ service can be a very daunting task and a stressful experience. However, with a wedding plan by your side, and the right Wedding DJ service, you can assure yourself that you can face the situation, with ease. Here are five steps to help you hire a DJ for your event.

1. Start early. When you hire DJ service, start as early as possible, at least a year before the actually wedding or event date. This will give you time to discuss the setting and tackle the details for your choice of DJ music and DJ entertainment service.

2. Consider the Experience. Professional experience is a factor to consider when hiring a DJ service. You will surely want to leave the hands of your wedding event to a wedding DJ service that will give it their best for the success of your wedding event.

3. Ask for references. This includes the past clients that your DJs have worked for. References may include video clips or photographs of their recent events.

4. Pricing. The usual going rate for disc jockeys for a four-hour on-site performance range from $500 up to $5,000. You don't necessarily have to choose the cheapest; just go within your means and choose the wedding DJ services who can satisfy your entertainment needs.

5. Watch them live. No video or recording can best beat a live disc jockey performance. If you want to make sure you are 100% happy with the disc jockey service you choose, go and watch the DJ service in action!

Wedding Entertainment

Some moments are too good to be trusted to our selves alone. School proms, weddings, bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah and several important occasions should be placed in hands of skilled professionals. It is wise advise therefore to call on DJ entertainment service to ensure worthwhile outcomes for all your entertainment needs. Whatever your concern, be it wedding entertainment, kids' party, birthday celebration, anniversary party or business functions, is the right place to look for assistance.

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Book A Music Service

Before you book a music service, there are a few things you should consider. has surveyed people around the world to provide you with some useful tips. For more information click here

Weddings, Weddings, Weddings!

A wedding DJ is the most commonly requested service by customers and performed by a DJ entertainment service. Each year, thousands of weddings take place. Planning in advance is the key. Most services take reservations years prior to your event date. If you want to hire the best DJ service in your area and get the best value for your money, do your homework.

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Disc Jockeys and More

Although caters mainly to your need for discjockeys , we are in reality, a one-stop shop for all your entertainment needs. We can link you to respectable wedding planners and specific event organizers who will assist you in the details of preparation and handling of your events. You can access our links to trustworthy rental companies from limousine service to clothes and tent rentals. Our site has dependable links to wedding ministers and bar of bat mitzvah ministers. We also have in our directory other event professionals like wedding singers, musicians, exotic dancers and celebrity look-alikes. Catering services, bridal bouquets, wedding souvenirs, wedding invitations, chocolates and candies, balloons, and other party favors, are all covered by directory services. is confident of the skills and professional competence of the wedding photographers , Bar Mitzvah photographers , Bat Mitzvah photographers together with the wedding videographers , Bar Mitzvah videographers and Bat Mitzvah videographers that it keeps in its list. The event photographers and videographers we keep in our catalog abide in the faithful tradition of providing quality photos and videos that truly capture the precious moments of the occasion. Our wedding videographers, Bar Mitzvah videographers and Bat Mitzvah videographers have excellent skills video editing and presentation that will definitely ensure customers' satisfaction.

Wedding Reception DJs

Wedding disc jockeys are gifted individuals who spice up wedding receptions. Wedding reception DJs serve as emcees and ensures that the conducts of the whole program are well facilitated. The natural instinct of thesewedding DJs gives them the capability to "feel the vibe" and influence the atmosphere of the wedding reception. is the prime directory for yourwedding DJ needs. The wedding DJs in our register are experience professionals. The wedding disc jockeys, wedding photographers and wedding videographers you will encounter in our site will work hand in hand with you to ensure that wedding celebration is filled only with the good and memorable stuff.


DJ - short for the term of disc jockey. DJs perform a very unique job that often requires passion, the knack to entertain, plus feel the vibe of the crowd the DJ is playing for at the event. Note that being a DJ is not only a job where you pick the right music for the right occasion. Being a DJ needs more than that. And what it is? A lot of people think that DJ services and a DJ lives an easy-go-lucky life. But the fact it, a DJ has to be very versatile, intelligent, music savvy and hardworking in order to last in the industry. DJs are trusted people when it comes to DJ music entertainment at an event and that they have to maintain or else professional DJs' career would not be successful.

Tune Up Your Wedding With a Budget DJ or Budget DJ Services

A competitive, experienced budget DJ is a gem to your special event. It is really hard to look for a budget DJ and affordable disc jockey service. Some people give more attention to the decoration or food but little or none at all to budget DJ service. Take note that even though you have the best decoration and table setting, those are useless and the party will ultimately be a failure if the entertainment and DJ music are not pleasing. Choosing a budget DJ service does not actually mean that you have to go cheap. There are entertainment and DJ service teams who offer budget DJ services without sacrificing the quality of entertainment or the music. All you need to do is to actually do a little research and you will find the right budget DJ for your event. Look for an affordable disc jockey service within your wedding or event budget. Ask friends or relations who earlier hired a company they had success with. You may also ask hotel owners and banquet managers, as they can give you a list of the best budget DJs for less. You may also spot a disc jockey service at one of the parties you've attended. If his performance pleased you, then, you might give him a try. Good luck!!!

Getting Married? Need A Wedding DJ?

If you're getting married, locating a reputable local entertainment service or wedding specialist can be confusing, difficult and time consuming. A Wedding Disc Jockey, or any service you hire, can make or break the success of your event. has made your job of locating & hiring a reputable local mobile wedding DJ, wedding photographer, wedding Videographer, wedding planner / organizer, and others - Quick, simple, and FREE! Search now

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Our Database is Current

The services listed in our database continue to provide us with their most current information, many times throughout the year. Each member that elects to display their services on is able to edit and update their information 24/7. has the most comprehensive up-to-date list of entertainment services online: Disc Jockey, photographer, videographer, caterer, florist, limo driver, wedding planner, plus all types of entertainers and entertainment services throughout the world. Our latest vendor.

Technology - Past and Present

With today's technology, many music services now use MP3 players to house their entire music collection. So, you can be sure your DJ has just about anything you request during your event. A small hard drive can hold over 10,000 titles and the quality is un-noticeable! First vinyl discs, then Compact Discs, now MP3 files on your computer. What's next? Stay tuned.

The Disc Jockey and Entertainment

A disc jockey or DJ is not just any ordinary entertainment professional. He is versed in making in your wedding entertainment, school proms, bar or bat mitzvah celebrations an affair to remember. He is more than just a player of DJ music. He is a total entertainment specialist who will give you and your guests the time of your life. is the most effective and efficient online source to connect you with the best Disc Jockey for all entertainment needs, like wedding entertainmentor Bar and Bat Mitzvah entertainment. You do not have to look any farther. The Wedding Reception DJs as well as the Bar Mitzvah Discjockeys you need may be residing in your area. We can help you keep in touch with the Chicago DJs , New York DJs , New Jersey DJs , Florida DJs or any disc all over the country. Just inform us of your location, and our vendors: Chicago Disc Jockeys , New York Disc Jockeys , New Jersey Disc Jockeys , Florida Disc Jockeys , or any Disc Jockey service in your locality, will promptly accommodate your concern.

Bar Mitzvah Disc Jockeys

Bar mitzvahs (male) or Bat mitzvahs (female) momentous occasions that celebrates a readiness in the participation of the community of the Jewish believers. This event is not just for any disc jockey. Unlike wedding discjockeys and School DJs , Mitzvah disc jockeys are expected to understand that Bar mitzvahs and Bat mitzvahs are not just about DJ music and endless dances. The Mitzvahentertainment must never loss the religious tone of the occasion. can direct you to professional Bar Mitzvah disc jockeys and Bat mitzvah disc jockeys who truly understand the meaning of Mitzvah entertainment.

Find a local DJ service for your event, the official DJ service online directory, can help you select your music entertainment in your local area. Our directory will help you choose your DJ services , Photography services (photographers) and videography services, and everything you need for any of your celebrations. Your wedding, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, wedding anniversary, class reunion, birthday party event, company event, and other occasions will benefit with the help of, the #1 online entertainment service directory. Find all of your music DJ services right here - It's official!


Your favorite FM station would never be your favorite just because deejays play your favorite music plus the Deejay provides hip and hot entertainment to pass you through boring times. What makes a radio station really hit is the mysterious, often soothing, voice behind the radio that is a Deejay's. For long, a deejay is short for disc jockey. But for the convenience of all, we simply call them deejays or a DJ. Deejays, especially those who are on air for a very long time, are treated like members of our family. In every city or town, deejays are the radio celebrities who catch the admiration and even the hearts of the listeners. That is why, deejays are here to stay!

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